What we do


You are frustrated with the progress of turning your big picture vision into a program structure and plan that can be executed.

You feel you are spinning your wheels just getting to the starting line, but you are not sure why.


You are not confident that you are on the right track.

You are looking for reassurance that you are setup for success.

You are wrestling with a wicked problem and you are looking for outside expertise and perspective.


Sometimes things do not go as planned.

You are looking for impartial outside expertise to help recover your program.

Let’s build something together.

Quick start

Translating a vision into action is hard. Using our proven step by step process will get you underway in no time.

undefined Define your direction of travel

You have articulated your vision, goals and the “Why” behind your vision. We will determine how this is interpreted by stakeholders with the goal to identify disconnects and blind spots. This feedback is used to sharpen your vision and create a initial True North statement that we will build on in the next steps.

Define your roadmap

You have an idea what capabilities need to be in place to deliver on your vision. We will define a roadmap creating a high level visual representation of the work. Combined with the True North statement this roadmap creates a transparent canvas to validate assumptions, and align on priorities.

Define how we will deliver

We determined what is important and what we want to do. Now we define how the program will be executed and managed. We go deep on team roles, skills, financial and other resource needs, governance, and communication structure.

What if…

Throughout the previous steps we will have identified potential risk, opportunities and challenges. Now it is time to pressure test the plan, flesh out challenges and define mitigation plans. In addition we will make potential trade-offs visible through “What if” simulations. Goal is to ensure the team is equipped to respond with confidence to any future known or unknown challenge.


Bring everything we created together. Create material can is easily understood by all levels of the organization as it relates to vision, True North, immediate next steps and the role of your audience. Hold governance meeting and decide on Go / No Go for kickoff.

Coaching and consulting

Accountability partner focused on program outcomes

Temperature check – assess current program status

Health check – assess current delivery system

Coaching and advisory

Program rescue and recovery

Conflict resolution

Program turnaround

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