The myth of the data driven decision maker

A LinkedIn search reveals 2.64 million profiles that refer to themselves as “data driven”. I believe a true data driven decision is about as common as getting struck by lightning. We are human beings. Our decisions are shaped by our beliefs, biases, and emotions. We use data and logic to justify our decisions. Not convinced?Continue reading “The myth of the data driven decision maker”

Getting real about risk. How to use a Pre-Mortem to set your project up for success

Getting your team to have an open and constructive conversation about future risks and challenges is hard, even for the best of teams. Consider the case of Adam (not his real name), a VP for a large global healthcare company. He built a new team with a mission to streamline innovation between multiple R&D groups.Continue reading “Getting real about risk. How to use a Pre-Mortem to set your project up for success”

You have to make time to lead

I did not agree with this advice when it was given to me. I argued it was wrong. I was young and not ready to hear this advice. However it stuck in the back of my mind and years later I later realized this was one of the best pieces of advice I ever received.Continue reading “You have to make time to lead”