I speak on leadership, digital transformation and innovation.

My story based talks aim to be entertaining, inspirational, and to deliver insights the audience can use. My stories are based on real world, practical experience.

Speaker bio

Steven Gruyters partners with visionary leaders to design and deliver enterprise transformation initiatives geared towards speed, flexibility and maximum business value. He has been breaking down silos between Sales, Service, Product development and Technology organizations for over 20 years. Steven builds people oriented and customer focused high performing teams for global Fortune 1000 companies.

Signature talks

Confronting your Digital Transformation’s internal Achilles heel

Think of the key Digital initiatives in your company. Have you noticed they never quite turn out as planned? They take longer, cost more and do not deliver the results you were hoping for. McKinsey cites that 70% of transformations fail to achieve all or most of their goals. Common reasons are lack of management support, lack of resources and resistance to change. In other words, the inner workings of companies are a major stumbling block.

In this engaging, pragmatic and story based talk Steven will share;

  • Why ensuring effective leadership of transformations is the single biggest predictor of success
  • How to predict the likelihood of success by observing the leadership team in action
  • Why changing mindset and culture take too long, and what to focus on instead
  • How to use the 4C’s to setup your transformation team for success; Clarity, Commitment, Communication, and Connection.

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