Steven speaks on the topics of leadership, culture and career.

His story based talks are based on real world, practical experience. The aim is to entertain, inspire and deliver insights the audience can to put to immediate use.

Select examples

Focus on the Negative

“Mr. Gruyters was the best speaker I have heard in years if not the best ever. I learned so much from him!”

“I felt you were speaking directly to me personally the whole time”

Project Management in a Post Pandemic world

“I really enjoyed this presentation and am looking forward to having your slides on hand. There are several ideas that I would like to propose to my management.”

“I really liked the approach he took in presenting the materials. Very unique.”

The curse of the Spotify model

“Very creative way to communicate your point. Great illustrations with tennis and Spotify”

“Such a challenging topic. Glad you addressed it! Very well presented and very well done!!!”

Past speaking clients

Speaker bio

Mr. Gruyters led enterprise transformations, built high performing teams and nurtured the next generation of leaders for 20+ years. He learned early in his career that it is simply not enough to have the best ideas and brightest people. He became fascinated with finding better ways to lead, and to manage his own relationship with work and career. Now he guides other leaders on their journey.

Steven works with Mid-career professionals that are at a crossroads in their career. He serves as a coach for people working through overwhelming challenges or rethinking their career goals.

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