We speak on leadership, unlocking the potential of teams and building high performing organizations.

Our story based talks are based on real world, practical experience. We aim to entertain, inspire and deliver insights the audience can to put to immediate use.

Speaker bio

Steven Gruyters, founder of ZZEE Partners, has been breaking down cultural and organizational silos, and unlocking the potential of teams in Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. He partners with visionary leaders and teams to build People Powered organizations and projects focused on agility and customer centricity.

Signature talks

Project management in a post pandemic world

In the early days of the COVID 19 crises many teams rose to the occasion and adapted quickly to meet changing customer and employee needs. As the pandemic endured it highlighted some strengths and weaknesses in our current approach to the world of work. We have seen reports of boosted productivity, but also lack of work life balance, increased stress and anxiety, and loss of social connection.

In this talk we will explore how we can use this crises as an opportunity for project managers to redesign their projects for a post pandemic world. We will learn;

  • How the role of the Project Manager must evolve to increase clarity, purpose and connection
  • How to incorporate talent from anywhere
  • How we can be more purposeful in designing an environment for inclusion of all voices

The curse of the Spotify model

Virtually all technology driven organizations are in the process of transitioning to Agile delivery methodologies. Most struggle with maturing this transition and realizing it’s full potential. Studies of failed agile implementations typically cite cultural or mindset issues, and lack of management buy in as key contributing factors. In this talk Steven will submit the counter intuitive case that modeling your organization to a “gold standard” like the Spotify model can set you up for failure.

In this engaging, pragmatic and story based talk we will learn;

  • Why holding yourself to a “gold standard” like the Spotify model is a bad idea
  • What the differences are between the desired ideal team composition and the typical reality
  • How to recognize and address undesirable behaviors in your teams

Confronting your transformation’s Achilles heel

Think of the key initiatives in your company. Have you noticed they never quite turn out as planned? They take longer, cost more and do not deliver the results you were hoping for. McKinsey cites that 70% of transformations fail to achieve all or most of their goals. Common reasons are lack of management support, lack of resources and resistance to change. In other words, the inner workings of companies are a major stumbling block.

In this engaging, pragmatic and story based talk Steven will share;

  • Why ensuring effective leadership of transformations is the single biggest predictor of success
  • How to predict the likelihood of success by observing the leadership team in action
  • Why changing mindset and culture take too long, and what to focus on instead
  • How to use the 4C’s to setup your transformation team for success; Clarity, Commitment, Communication, and Connection

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