No more success theater

Success Theater means hitting short term goals while burning out your people, burning bridges, or eroding longer term business prospects. It means reporting “Green” status while things are going off the rails. When Alan Mulally joined Ford as CEO in 2006 the company was in bad shape and Success Theater was common practice as describedContinue reading “No more success theater”

The 5% @sshole rule

I believe that 95% of people come to work to do a good job and do the right thing for the company. I call this the 5% @ssshole rule, since some people just seem to take pleasure from being difficult and making others look bad. The second part of the rule is even more important;Continue reading “The 5% @sshole rule”

You have to make time to lead

I did not agree with this advice when it was given to me. I argued it was wrong. I was young and not ready to hear this advice. However it stuck in the back of my mind and years later I later realized this was one of the best pieces of advice I ever received.Continue reading “You have to make time to lead”

3 Imperatives beyond your Covid19 Business Continuity Plans

Faced with the current Covid-19 uncertainty you are likely reassessing your strategy execution. Consider these 3 imperatives. Protect your people Your first action would have been focused on the health & safety of your people. Next step is to consider how your people can operate in a world where restrictions may be lifted slowly. People are theContinue reading “3 Imperatives beyond your Covid19 Business Continuity Plans”