Focus on the negative

How to motivate your team by reducing negative interactions

Our new Hybrid ways of working leave a lot of room for ambiguity, disconnects and otherwise frustrating experiences. In his book “Drive”, Dan Pink teaches that the keys to motivation are a sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

In this talk we will make the case that we should focus on REDUCING NEGATIVE interactions that diminish motivation over increasing positive interactions.

This novel, counterintuitive approach to motivating teams is grounded in the latest research on relationships and motivation.

Together we will investigate a number of practical cases. We will learn how to identify interactions that may be interpreted as negative, and how to design more inclusive interactions.

This timely and pragmatic talk will help you shift your thinking and give you a new toolset to motivate your project teams.

Full video of my talk in the May 2022 University of Maryland Project Management Symposium.

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