3 Imperatives beyond your Covid19 Business Continuity Plans

Faced with the current Covid-19 uncertainty you are likely reassessing your strategy execution. Consider these 3 imperatives.

Protect your people

Your first action would have been focused on the health & safety of your people. Next step is to consider how your people can operate in a world where restrictions may be lifted slowly.

People are the lifeblood of your company and culture. If layoffs are inevitable try to soften the employee impact as much as possible. Your leadership and how you treat your employees will be remembered.

Protect your revenue

In the short run survival is the name of the game. Protect your revenue streams as much as possible for example by strengthening your digital shopping and customer service channels. Review your ability to deliver products & services to your end customers across your supply chain.

Protect your innovation edge

Don’t compromise your competitive position. Find the right level of focus and investments in product and process innovation as they are the catalyst for mid and longer term growth.

Hopefully this helps you shape your thinking in these uncertain times.

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