I turn your digital vision into reality

Think of the key initiatives in your company. Have you noticed they never quite turn out as planned? They take longer, cost more and do not deliver the results you were hoping for.

Turning vision into action is hard, getting people to embrace change is even harder, and it is easy to get off track.

I work with Fortune 1000 companies to design tailor made digital transformations geared towards speed, flexibility and maximum business value, without having to launch into a full-scale agile transformation.

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I speak on leadership, digital transformation and innovation.

My goal is to be entertaining, inspirational, and to deliver insights the audience can use. My stories are based on real world, practical experience.

Featured upcoming engagements

April 30 – CRM evolution, Washington DC

Speaker bio

Steven Gruyters is a senior technology leader with a strong track in delivering digital transformations and organizational change. Mr. Gruyters has over 20 years of experience leading technology enabled transformations for Sales, Service and Product development organizations in global Fortune 1000 companies.