Leadership and Career Coaching

I work with professionals that are at a crossroads in their career.

I want to…

Lead with confidence

Communicate with influence

Rekindle my motivation

Set myself up for promotion

Take on a bigger role

Plan my career path

Hi, I’m Steven

I didn’t always look this happy. Early in my career I worked in a highly visible initiative that failed miserably. I came close to burn out in this pressure cooker environment, but I was lucky enough to have trusted advisors to help work through this. I saw this pattern play out time and again. I became fascinated with finding better ways to lead, and to manage my own relationship with work and career.

In my corporate career I led enterprise transformations, built high performing teams and nurtured the next generation of leaders. Now I guide professionals on their leadership and career journey.

Why coaching?

The 1:1 or small group coaching experience is tailored to a client’s unique situation and needs. It is 100% dedicated to achieving the outcomes you desire. As a coach I offer Clarity, Accountability and Support.

Clarity. Together we unpack the challenges you are facing, to get to the underlying “Why”. We create a plan of action. Typically, this includes some experiments to gain feedback and build confidence.

Accountability. We are all busy and working on your personal growth can easily drop of the list. As a coach I am your accountability partner, ensuring we continuously make forward progress at a pace that fits your calendar.

Support. I will support you in the broadest sense of the word, depending on your unique needs. I can be your sounding board, sparring partner, or cheerleader to name a few. I have a broad set of tools, exercises, and reference materials to assist in your journey.

Want to find out more?

As a high-achiever, my identity had been deeply linked with my career. I spent the better part of a year trying to grapple with this but struggled finding the perspective I needed. This lack of clarity lead to a constant state of anger and frustration. Enter Steven. He brought an unbiased perspective coupled with a curiosity and desire to help me through this problem. One exercise helped me zoom out and recognize that my career was only one facet of my life and I had been out of balance by narrowly focusing on it. The realization was a powerful one that shifted my perspective to acknowledge all the areas of my life that were thriving. It helped me take career off the pedestal I had held it up on for so long and find gratitude in other parts of my life.

Diego – Career coaching

After only our first meeting you already met some of my goals. I am positive this is going to be great.

Venkat – Coaching client

“I just wanted to thank you for all your wisdom and guidance. I started out on a leadership career path, and you have helped me tremendously in moving up to the next level.

Annette – Leadership coaching

How does it work?

The coaching engagement follows the proven, iterative ZZEE Partners DALI framework.


Starting point is the challenge or opportunity that the client is contending with. Together we examine:

  • The current reality of the challenge or opportunity, and the impact it has on the you.
  • Your underlying beliefs.
  • The obstacles that are on our path.
  • The areas of focus for short- and long-term growth.

Outcome – A deeper understanding of the real challenge / opportunity and a clear focus on the themes that are most important to you.

Action Learning

The insights generated in the Discovery stage will lead us to multiple hypotheses that we want to act on. This can take many forms:

  • Assessments and exercises to gain deeper insights, build skills and develop mental models
    • Practice and role play new skills and behaviors to gain confidence
    • “Safe to try” experiment we will implement in the real world.

Outcome – “Hands on” experience gained that you can use straight away in the real world.


In the Action Learning stage, you experimented in small scale. Together we evaluate feedback and results. The learnings may lead to new experiments, deeper insights, or behavior that can be taken to the next level.

Outcome – A clear sense of “What worked” (or did not work), and more importantly “Why did it work”.

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