People Powered Organizations

Leadership coaching for leaders on a mission

You are on a mission to change the world around you.

You have discovered that it is simply not enough to have the best ideas and brightest people. You find yourself spending all your time navigating corporate politics, getting people to embrace change, and making sure teams collaborate. And it still feels like an uphill battle.

At ZZEE partners, I work with people that are driven to put a dent in the universe, but do not consider themselves natural born leaders. I help them unpack leadership, culture, and collaboration challenges, run experiments, and scale solutions with confidence.

As an engineer by training, communication and people skills did not come natural to me. Early in my career I learned that the difference between success and failure often came down to the ability to effectively work together, and not the team’s technical skill or expertise. I became fascinated with this topic, and through years of study, trial and error figured out what worked for me. Now I guide other leaders on their journey.

Does this sound familiar?

Leading Change

“I have a lot of ideas, but nobody seems to understand them.”

“My change initiatives get bogged down in corporate politics. My peers and leadership have their own agenda.”

“Our company is very risk averse. How can I create a “fail fast” culture in my team?”


My team is struggling to live up to their potential, but I don’t know why.

Getting people to contribute feels like pulling teeth. Many people stay quiet in meetings. I know they have great ideas.”

We tend to “shoot the messenger”. How can I get people to ask for help and try new things?

Hybrid Work

How can we build or maintain a culture when being together in the office is the exception and not the rule?”

How can we effectively collaborate across boundaries?”

“How can we onboard new people and make them feel part of our Hybrid team?”

Leading Self

I am struggling with being a people manager and I feel I have nobody to talk to about this.”

There is more work than hours in the day. How can I create a better balance?”

I am feeling stuck in my career.”

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